A Quick Lesson in American Citizen Services

Over forty-five new and returning teachers from World Teach, Dartmouth, and Coop gathered under the embassy patio for drinks, pizza and few words from Embassy staff.  Ambassador Armbruster extended a warm welcome to all of the new and returning teachers, and greeted them with a quiz on Marshall Islands trivia, complete with prizes for the right answers.  Pol/Econ Officer Jeff Shelden spoke about what the Consular Section at Embassy Majuro can do for them—communicating warden messages, registering their whereabouts, helping with lost or stolen passports and much more.

Embassy Majuro will even be hosting the Foreign Service Exam in October for any that may want to pursue a career in the Foreign Service after this adventure abroad.  Dr. Antonia Demas, on Majuro  for a brief time with the Wellness Center, is a nutritionist who also spoke, advocating for incorporating health and wellness into the curriculum, and offering to assist in that effort.