Ambassador Interviewed by V7Emon

Majuro Radio host Fred Pedro interviewed Ambassador Armbruster on December 4 and asked about everything from the legacy of 1950’s era nuclear testing to U.S. contingency plans should the “fiscal cliff” become a reality.  The Ambassador was upbeat about U.S.-RMI relations, especially given the renewed focus of the United States on the Pacific region.  He cited progress on disposing of World War II ordnance, a U.S.-funded safety upgrade at Majuro Airport, and the growing sophistication and importance of missile defense testing being conducted at the U.S. Army Base on Kwajalein Atoll.  The Ambassador congratulated the RMI on the successful 18th Micronesian Chief Executives Summit, and the hosting of the Pacific Island Forum in the summer.  He also noted the great community involvement here, with a walk for Diabetes Awareness, another walk to highlight the problem of domestic violence, and all the great sports and educational activities surrounding the “16 days of activism.”  The 15 minute interview aired on December 4th and December 5th.