Ambassador Visits Whole Body Count Facility

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory continues to operate a Whole Body Count program in Majuro to determine the amount of radiation in a person, whether for those people exposed to residual fallout contamination in the environment, or simply interested in having a check.  The Marshall Islands Whole Body Counting Program is the largest per-capita national radiological protection monitoring program for the public in the world, and has already acquired a database containing more than five thousand volunteers or about 10% of the Marshallese population.  The free 15 minute check is risk-free and simply requires signing a consent form and a few minutes of patience.  Marshallese technicians are trained at Livermore Laboratories and are more than happy to answer questions from the public.  Results are confidential, but we can confidently say that Ambassador Armbruster’s radioactive cesium count is 0.00 kiloBq!