Ambassadors Garden Prize

Ambassadors Garden Prize - Award Ceremony
Ambassadors Garden Prize – Award Ceremony

This year again the Ambassadors to the Marshall Islands toured the schools who took part to the Ambassadors Garden Prize 2015:

Assumption School was voted the most improved and best school participation, with kids from all grades taking part in the effort. The garden had doubled in size since last year.

Marshall Islands High School was the best designed garden, and every plant we saw looked healthy and productive, demonstrating that hard work pays off! MIHS also had a great hot pepper!

COOP School received the prize for most productive school garden and featured a magical tropical garden section that wowed the judges. Teacher Dan Price also received a grant from New Zealand for garden beds that will help feed the students at lunchtime.

Last but not least, Jaluit High School – the only outer island’s school participating this year – was rewarded for the most hard work!

For more pictures, check-out our Embassy Facebook page and the Schools Garden page.

Congratulations to all the participants and thank you to all the sponsors!