Embassy Participates in International Women’s Day Festivities

As part of worldwide events to celebrate and honor women on International Women’s Day, the RMI held a multicultural parade downtown in Majuro along with several other well-attended events in Majuro on March 9.  First Lady Anono Loeak and several other prominent women spoke at the events, encouraging greater respect for women and celebrating women and their talents and contributions.

In addition to marching in the parade, the Embassy helped sponsor an “American” booth at the event with bobbing for apples and subway sandwiches, both American traditions.  Several other groups sponsored similar booths that highlighted foods, games, and handicrafts unique to their cultures, including groups from New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, the Philippines, Japan and “Wantok,” which included men and women from the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea.  The night culminated with a “Women’s Got Talent” show in which women-only groups competed for various honors and prizes.