USAID: Jim Ley

Jim Ley is the USAID Country Coordinator for the Marshall Islands.  He has served in the Budget Office at USAID for nine years.  Prior to joining USAID as a direct hire, Jim was a USAID implementing partner on projects in Poland, Montenegro, and Bosnia. He also served overseas with the Peace Corps and with U.S. Treasury. Jim served as the Chief Program and Budget Officer for the Republic of the Marshall Islands for an extended period and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Papua New Guinea. Jim has extensive experience throughout the American-affiliated Pacific Island nations, having been a consultant with the Asian Development Bank and the U.S. Department of the Interior. Jim has a BA degree from Ripon College and a Master of Public Administration from Syracuse University in New York.

Jim is married to Netty Ley, a citizen of the Marshall Islands. They have three children, all of whom are Marshallese citizens.