Flying Doctors Arrive in the Marshall Islands

The Flying Doctors have landed!  Atlanta-based NGO “Flying Doctors” are fanning out across the Marshall Islands to perform surgeries, dental procedures, and health awareness clinics.  Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Interior, the Flying Doctors work with their Marshallese partners to prioritize needs and address health emergencies during their stay.  The 22 doctors (including general practitioners, surgeons, dentists and technicians) will be in the Marshalls until February 8 and are working to establish a more full time presence.  The doctors will also consider ways to address the non-communicable disease health emergency declared by President Loeak.  Atolls to be visited by the doctors include Majuro, Kwajalein (Ebeye), Wotho, Ujae, Jaluit, Wotje, and Arno.  Welcome Docs!