Fulfilling Pledge on Unexploded Ordnance

On August 31st at the Pacific Island Forum, Secretary Clinton announced that the US is seeking over $5 million to reduce the number of unexploded bombs, shells and other ordnance left over from World War Two.  The Secretary said it is a “crucial matter for security and prosperity.  Decaying ordnance leak chemicals that pollute water and soil.”  The Secretary added that along with endangering children the bombs “make it harder for people to develop their land, promote tourism and spark economic growth.”  On October 1-4 State Department teams surveyed islands that were the scenes of fierce fighting in the Marshall Islands to locate dangerous munitions for destruction.  Here on Mili Atoll, Ambassador Armbruster joins Senior Technical Advisor Charlie Holloway, Mayor Leban and officials from the Historic Preservation Office as they record the GPS coordinates of the bombs for later destruction.