Majuro Tuna Plant Exports World-Wide

Although some of the Pacific tuna produced here ends up on dinner plates as far away as Algeria, 70% of the tuna processed at the Pan Pacific Foods plant in Majuro is marketed in the United States, particularly under the Bumblebee brand.  For more and more seafood consumers, sustainability is a selling point.  The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) recently visited the plant to ensure it meets the requirements necessary to keep the MSC “ecolabel.”  Consumers reward sustainable fisheries by being willing to pay a premium for the label.  Regional efforts like the South Pacific Tuna Treaty also try to keep the fisheries industry sustainable.  Fisheries are critical to the RMI’s economy.  So much so, that on November 20th RMI President Loeak met with Africa, Caribbean and Pacific leaders and the Tuna Treaty is high on the agenda.