Music and Clean Water for RMI

California-based band, Culture Crew (, Hawaii-based reggae-star Big Pati (, and California-based NGO Let It Flow ( are here in the Marshall Islands to share their music and talk about the importance of clean water.  Let It Flow will also donate 200 long-use water filters.  The group started in Majuro and will visit Mili and Arno atolls over the weekend, where most of the filters will be donated. They return to Majuro on Tuesday when they will give a free concert at 6:00 p.m. at Delap Park.  The Ambassador and DCM accompanied the group as they visited some local schools on Friday.  At the conclusion of the school visits, Let It Flow Project Coordinator Cody Barker donated six water filters to the Assumption School.  The trip to RMI is slated to be Episode 1 of a new reality TV program called Show Up, that follows what happens when they show up in different parts of the world, make good things happen, and end the visit with a show.