Pre solicitation Notice Gardening Services


Gardening Services for U.S. Embassy – Majuro

(RFP No. 19RM2818-Q-0002)

This solicitation is not ready to be issued as of this date.  The Embassy of the United States of America in Majuro, Marshall Islands, will launch the solicitation at the U.S. Embassy Majuro website.  This solicitation is for the Gardening Services of U.S. Embassy – Majuro.

The Government plans to issue the solicitation on or about end of April 2018.  The quotation due date will be set forth in the solicitation.

The Government intends to award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the lowest priced, technically acceptable offeror, who is a responsible contractor.  The Government may award the contract based on initial offer without discussion.

Note: As required by U.S. Government’s federal acquisition regulation (FAR) provision 52.204-7, SYSTEM FOR AWARD MANAGEMENT (JULY 2013), which will be included in the solicitation, prospective offerors shall be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database prior to award of a contract.  Below is the website link providing vendor registration information:  Prospective offerors are encouraged to complete the SAM registration process prior to the submittal of their quotations in response to the solicitation posted.