Project Selection Notice: USDA Rural Development has approved a grant of $1,000,000

May 12, 2014
Program: High Energy Cost Grant
State: Marshall Islands
County: n/a
Government Representative: President Christopher Loeak
Recipient: Marshalls Energy Company, Inc.
Recipient Contact: David Paul, General Manager
Mailing Address: 1440 Lagoon Drive, Majuro, MH 96960


Email Address:

(692) 625-3397
Project Description: Rural Development grant funds will be used to provide Marshalls Energy Company (MEC) with a buffer against fluctuating monthly revenue intake, and in doing so, permit the company to make timely payments to the supplier of automotive diesel oil, thus ensuring that MEC has sufficient fuel on hand at all times for power generation and sales to customers.   The anticipated increase in fuel sales resulting from supplier confidence and having sufficient quantities of fuel available at all times for sale, will be channeled into a number of generation and distribution repairs and maintenance programs; with the stated aim of improving the quality and reliability of electricity services to an estimated 27,000 residents of Majuro Atoll, together with a smaller number residing in the MEC services outer atolls of Kwajalein, Wotje, Jaluit, and Rongrong.