Remembrance Day – Solomon Sam Sports Center wall dedication

Ambassador Thomas H. Armbruster
Ambassador Thomas H. Armbruster

The Embassy knows this is a special day. We also know words can only convey so much.

We’ve always tried to honor the day in some way.

Two years ago, we provided historical photos of the Nuclear Tests to the Nuclear Institute at the College of the Marshall Islands.

Last year, U.S Secretary for. Arms Control Gottemoeller talked about RMI’s “outsized contribution” to global security

The “outsized” contribution has a long history:

From the Scouts of World War II;

Thru the nuclear testing era and its far-reaching effects on the RMI;

Thru Afghanistan and Iraq.

We are, under the Compact, responsible for each other defenses.

We share the values that are worth fight for: Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights.

SGT Solomon Sam will be remembered not because of the words on the wall, but because of his deeds.

Likewise, the RMI’s endurance of 67 nuclear tests will always be remembered and honored.

Thank you, Kommol.