RMI Celebrates International Day for Biodiversity

The Republic of the Marshall Islands marked the International Day for Biodiversity on May 24.  The theme was “Water for Life,” a timely theme with the RMI experiencing drought.  Speakers urged a national awareness effort and reminded the audience that biodiversity is vital to the RMI’s future and quality of life.  Minister Tony DeBrum noted the loss of diversity with the steep decline of butterflies and seabirds that he saw as a child.

Efforts to promote awareness regarding the importance of biodiversity and its role in attaining water security are happening all over the world, not just in the RMI.  A 2013 message from the United Nations Secretary General emphasizes the importance of biodiversity and marine and terrestrial ecosystems.  He noted that our goal is a water secure world for all.

It is not hard to see how powerfully we are enriched by nature in this photo taken in the lagoon in Majuro by Lois Shelden.  Let’s commit ourselves to protecting biodiversity and water supplies!