Students Respond to Climate Change through Skits

Assumption High School hosted five American high school seniors, as well as two teachers, from Maryknoll Catholic School in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The American students were in the RMI for three weeks volunteering their time tutoring incoming Assumption High School students. The Assumption students, all incoming freshman, eagerly signed up for the chance, hoping to be as prepared as possible before entering High School.  Over the course of three weeks, the students from Maryknoll tutored the summer program participants in Math, English, and climate change issues.  The end of the three week exchange was marked with the students performing their own original skits addressing the issues of soil erosion, water conservation, rising sea levels, ocean pollution, and littering.  The skits not only address the problems created by climate change, but presented simple and effective advice on how to counteract the damage that is being done.  We hope that these students, with their newfound knowledge and confidence, will help enlighten not only other Assumption Freshman, but young people all over Majuro.