Health Alert: Marshall Islands Issues International Travel Advisory ( December 9, 2019)

The Ministry of Health and Human Services (MoHHS) of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) has issued an International Travel Advisory to prevent the import of measles to the RMI. Effective immediately, citizens and foreign residents of the RMI between the ages of six months and 62 years (adults born in or after 1957) must show proof of up-to-date measles vaccinations or vaccination two weeks prior to travel before departing the Marshall Islands.  Visitors to the RMI between six months of age and 62 years (adults born in or after 1957) are required to provide proof of vaccination to vessel operators before travel.  Failure to produce such proof will result in either denial of boarding or refusal of entry upon arrival to the RMI.  Citizens and foreign residents of the Marshall Islands entering the RMI are also required to have proof of up-to-date measles vaccination.  Those failing to provide this proof will be required to be vaccinated by MoHHS and will undergo strict home quarantine for 14 days.  The travel restriction does provide for exceptions based on a contraindication by a doctor in writing.  The Embassy recommends that all travelers arriving or departing the RMI bring proof of measles immunization or medical contraindication signed by a doctor to ensure uninterrupted travel.

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