Emergency Financial Assistance

Obtaining Funds in an Emergency


Americans traveling abroad sometimes run out of funds either because of imprudence, robbery or other unforeseen circumstances. Destitute citizens may be entitled to financial assistance, but they must demonstrate that they have no other sources of income and are unable to receive financial assistance from friends or relatives.  Frequently, individuals may feel they are destitute when in fact they are simply low on cash. Remember that credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards may also be used to obtain cash or pay bills. Family or friends in the United States can send funds through the procedures described below. The role of the Embassy in such cases is to help the person contact others in the United States who will be able to send funds to the person in distress.

The Embassy is not able to loan cash to individuals except under certain conditions. Americans seeking financial assistance must exhaust all other options first. We will assist a U.S. citizen first to make telephone calls to relatives or friends in the United States requesting funds to be transferred to Majuro.

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