U.S. Coast Guard Donates Detailed Nautical Charts to the RMI Sea Patrol

While modern computers and mapping applications have made it easier for people to get from place to place in most parts of the world, the vast areas of open water in the Pacific Ocean remain mostly uncharted – except, of course, for old fashioned nautical charts.  On January 24, Ambassador Thomas Armbruster presented a full set of Marshall Islands nautical charts to RMI Sea Patrol representatives Captain Dennis Jibas, Duty Officer Wayne Anjain, and Royal Australian Maritime Advisor CDR Peter Metcalf.  The charts were provided to the RMI by U.S. Coast Guard Fourteenth District based in Honolulu.  The charts provide precise navigational information for all the atolls in the Marshall Islands and will aid the Sea Patrol in conducting law enforcement, search and rescue, and other missions within the RMI’s extensive EEZ.