U.S. Navy Partners with RMI and U.S. Agencies in Drought Relief Workshop

On July 8th, Casten Nemra, Chief Secretary and chairman of the RMI’s National Disaster Committee, made it plain in his opening comments to workshop participants that everyone was here today to learn from their experiences so far with the RMI’s Drought Emergency, and to hear recommendations for the road forward.  All comments were welcome, he said, “even complaints”, and that the purpose of the exercise is to find “a way to strengthen collaboration to meet the needs of the people.”  In spite of recent rains in the north that have lessened short term effects of the lack of potable water, the long term effects remain, and food crops need time to recover, stating that the RMI has renewed the disaster declaration for another 30 days.  Ambassador Armbruster, in speaking to the group drilled home those points succinctly, saying, “This workshop is all about anticipating, reacting, and communicating”, and stressed the need for training to continually improve the response.  The Ambassador was gratified by the Navy’s help in moving the 30,000 gal./day R.O. machine to Ebeye, and the International response the disaster encouraged.  Quoting Colin Powell, Ambassador Armbruster closed his comments with the thought, “One Team—One Mission!”