USAKA Hosts Marshallese Trade Fair

For nine years, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA) has hosted the Marshallese Trade Fair, with this year’s fair taking place on November 19th.   The trade fair is an occasion for vendors all across the Marshall Islands to converge on Kwajalein and offer their unique handicrafts and fresh produce and fish to the Kwajalein community. Island residents have an opportunity to shop for exclusive items that are not readily available year-round. It is perfectly timed for holiday shopping.  This year there were 37 vendors and an estimated 300 island residents who attended the trade fair.

Items sold included fresh fish and produce, a variety of Marshallese handicrafts (purses, jewelry, wall hangings, wood carvings, coasters, baskets, flowers, and outrigger models), as well Christmas ornaments in all designs and sizes.  Customers were impressed with how the vendors introduce new products to attract business each year.