Youth-to-Youth Impresses the Crowds!

In two well-attended performances on July 5th and 6th,  Youth-to-Youth in Health peer educators entertained as well as educated audiences who came to see the latest offering from this established and accomplished local NGO that addresses youth issues.   Before the inaugural performance on July 5th, Ambassador Armbruster and Pacific Partnership Commodore Wallace Lovely gave opening remarks, emphasizing positive messages to the young audience and leading chants such as “Stay in School!  Eat Right to Play Right!  and Self Respect!”

Youth-to-Youth performers then proceeded with their full-length drama production that had been developed in the previous weeks during a U.S. Embassy-funded drama workshop, under the direction of Honolulu-based drama instructor Daniel Kelin.  During the performance, the Youth-to-Youth actors utilized their newly-developed theatric skills to artfully tell a story that addressed important topics such as substance abuse, peer pressure, domestic violence, and reproductive health.  Off-setting the seriousness of the topics, the Youth-to-Youth actors used creativity, comic timing, and energy to delight the audiences, who stayed for the entire performances despite inclement weather and lack of seating space.

Embassy Majuro wishes to congratulate Youth-to-Youth on a job well done, and we look forward to future productions!